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As successful entrepreneurs for more than 25 years, we embrace the spirit of service

by supporting our local communities through economic growth and philanthropy.


Our most recent venture…

We recently acquired the broadcast license for WSCG-TV 34 in Baxley, serving Savannah, Appling and Chatham counties in Georgia, and Jasper and Beaufort counties in South Carolina. Starting April 1st this year, we have the capability to program up to 12 channels, creating wonderful opportunities for both cost-effective advertising and innovative local programming.


We welcome your input. Let us know what you think is quality television content, and keep us abreast of interesting happenings in your organization and your community.


What’s more, WSCG-TV is your solution for local cost effective advertising.  You could be the primary sponsor of an entire channel of programming, or take advantage of affordable packages on multiple channels.  We’d love to talk with you about putting the power of television broadcasting to work for you, and the things you are passionate about.


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